A HEALTHY MIND – 7 Day Program

£120.00 exc.VAT

This program is made up of SEVEN educational and practical application bite-size videos. Each video aims to teach your employees how to MAINTAIN A HEALTHY MINDSET whilst working in high pressured, challenging environments. This course helps participants deal manage stress levels through increasing their personal resilience.

We have options for corporations to adopt a pilot approach by sampling a small number of seats before committing to a contract for wider employee rollout.

Our Online Instant Virtual Packages for Trial/Pilot purposes –

Bronze Package starts with a minimum order of 20 seats at £150pp = £3000

Silver Package starts with a minimum order of 50 seats at £100pp = £5000

Gold Package starts with a minimum order of 75 seats at £90pp =£6750

Platinum Package starts with a minimum order of 100 seats at £70pp = £7000

If you need more than 100 seats, please contact us for discounts.


Key Benefits of the Program

  • INCREASE personal HAPPINESS levels.
  • Reduce stress caused by work and the changing environment.
  • Learn practical exercises scientifically proven to REDUCE STRESS and ANXIETY.
  • Improved general wellbeing with MOOD BOOSTING exercises.
  • Learn how to CLEAR a busy, overloaded MIND.
  • Learn how to increase personal resilience.

20, 50, 75, 100