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The Power Bank is a workplace wellbeing solution created by Your People Are Your Power. This learning management system is host to various courses focused on wellbeing and mindfulness, both in the workplace and out. We are for high-stress organizations whose leaders recognize the importance of taking care of their employees. We know that happy employees are productive employees, and we are here to help companies help their people. 

We recognize that different organisations need different solutions. Having worked in large, pressure-filled organisations herself, our Founder and Global Wellbeing Program Director created the Power Bank with people like her in mind. As a new small business owner, Gina also recognized that wellbeing should not be restricted to large companies. 

Our two tiers reflect the level of service we believe is essential to these two varying organisational structures.

Our Teams tier is for smaller organisations, those looking to buy between 25 and 100 seats per program. 

Our Businesses tier is for larger organisations, those looking to buy more than 101 seats or more. Because every company is different, we offer bespoke solutions to best suit your business. After a free consultation to analyse problem areas, we discuss details to start a contract to best help your organisation. Some example solutions may include: __, __, __.

The Teams tier comes with discounts depending on the number of seats purchased, with each course having a different price. To see all of our pricing, click here

During our initial launch, to best facilitate the discounts that we want to offer, we have limited the purchase amounts to increments of 25. As we continue to grow, we are workshopping an even better experience for our Teams customers. If you do require a different number, please contact us to see how we can help.

You will be billed immediately at time of purchase.

Any currency should work, but there may be some conversion fees by your credit card company.

You should have access to your course(s) within an hour.

When you make an order for your team, you will get an email with the User IDs and Passwords for the number of seats you purchased.

You will need to distribute it to your team as desired.

You have access to the courses you purchase for one year.

Yes, you can. Just go back through the process of purchasing. However, if you are thinking of purchasing over 100 seats, you should contact us first as we can offer corporate discounts.

You may request a refund as long as it is within 24 hours of purchase AND you have not yet started the course.

Wellness does not have to be a solo journey. For users that like being a part of a community of like-minded individuals, we are happy to have a discussion board/forum for you. It is there for users to share their experiences and mindfulness strategies, ask questions, or just chat with fellow users from around the world.

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