Free Wellbeing Resources

In our mission to MAKE LIFE BETTER AT WORK, we’ve created some free resources that will supplement your workplace wellbeing journey.

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Healthy Mind Programme

Enjoy Day 3: Affirmations & Gratitude. Both practices have the power to transform your day leaving you feeling uplifted and positive, ready to take on any challenge that comes your way.  

If you enjoyed this, access our full Healthy Mind Programme for tips and exercises to help you maintain a healthy mindset.

Nine to Five Yoga Release

Enjoy Episode 0: Do it at Your Desk Yoga. These are moves that can be done at your desk during your break in order to release tension you gather throughout the day.

If you enjoyed this, access our full programme for videos targeting specific body parts that need it the most after being sat at your desk all day.

Workplace Wellbeing

Enjoy Day 2: Recognising Stress, Triggers, and How to Avoid Burnout. This important lesson will help you with preemptive recognition of your triggers. 

If you enjoyed this, access our full Workplace Wellbeing Programme for videos full of education and practices to help you learn all about workplace wellbeing.

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